stupid questions

Over the past few weeks I’ve started a list of stupid questions people ask me. I can’t help but to share these questions with those who might be interested…

at 3am in the morning on the phone with the advice nurse;

“do you have a blood pressure cuff?”… ummm, what do I say?

“Am I supposed to have a blood pressure cuff? Is this a standard medical thing one own’s like a thermometer? Would I know how to use one if I had one?”.

How about this one at 4am in the morning on the phone with the advice nurse,

“do you have any prune juice?”

How old do you think I am??? I’m NOT even 50 yet, why would I keep prune juice on hand? NO, but we do have a 24 hour open walmart close by, “could you hold for 20 minutes while I go get some?”.

“Did he smoke?” I don’t give a shit if he smoked or not. Half the people out there with lung cancer never smoked.

How about this question to John (from medical providers). “Do you have any pain?”… I can see the naughty glint in his eye when he’s asked this question and I know how he wants to respond, “Let’s see, I have cancer. I’m getting chemo. I’m almost 50 years old… when am I NOT in pain dumbass?”.


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