second opinions and changing insurance

My good friend Kris Patrick recommended a lung cancer specialist at Providence Hospital in Portland. This week, we attended tandem appointments first with John’s current doctor and then the next day with this specialist. I learned more about John’s cancer during our time seeking this second opinion ~ otherwise known as a consult ~ than I have these past two months attempting to navigate our current medical system.

It became quickly clear to me that I want this new doctor for John. It’s like the difference between the toilet paper I use at work (at a public community college) and what I buy at home. I want the Charmin for John!

As we drove up to Providence there was a stately and beautiful Cancer Center sign spanning a glass walkway, connecting the hospital to the parking structure. But, you don’t need to park your own car, because there’s free valet parking (?). I had given myself a lot of extra time to navige not only the big city, but a big hospital as well. Yet, I didn’t need the extra time because in spite of being such a huge hospital, everything was well signed and the process seemed effortless. I want effortless. I need effortless.

John and I looked at each other after our consult with the Providence specialist and I’m pretty sure I was scraping my jaw off the ground. “it’s like night and day” says John.

So, now we are looking into changing our insurance plans and double covering him. As a domestic partner (thank you Oregon), I can cover him through my plan and our annual insurance renews on October 1st. We’re also hoping to change his plan as of October 1, to be covered under Providence as well.

Cross your fingers, say your prayers that this is a seamless process. I want seamless. I need seamless.