small miracles and victories

I’m expecting Big Miracles and Victories, and will take all the small victories and miracles along the way. John was able to change his insurance plan to Providence. As of October 1st, he will be double covered and changing medical teams to a specialty lung cancer team at Providence hospital in Portland. He’s already had 1 consult and 2 phone conversations with his new doctor, and we have an appointment scheduled with her for October 1st. She’s reviewed his history, the recent PET/CT scans and lab results and will look at the MRI on his brain and vertebrae. I noted to him that she was already working for him, even when he wasn’t yet an established patient. This only engenders more confidence in her and increases the desire for her skills and expertise.

John rocks the advocacy world. His ability to close the deal is admirable. Some might call it stubborn, but I prefer to say when he is passionate about something, you will know it. This is something I truly love about him ~ as long as we are passionate about the same things.

I’m thankful he can turn his attention and focus toward healing again. He started a different chemo last Wednesday, and although he needed to recover through the weekend, he seemed to tolerate some of the side effects with a bit more finesse. I’m finding comfort in the little things these days. And as I previously mentioned, I’ll take all small measures of comfort along the way.


2 thoughts on “small miracles and victories

  1. SO happy the changing of insurance and all worked out the way you wanted. I know that was a concern when we spoke. Keeping the prayers going for continued “wins” against this unwanted fight …. Love you guys!


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