C is for _________________________

I bet you thought I was going to say C@^<3r? Nope. I’ve decided to write a blog without using that dirty word one time. This time, C is for commitment, community, cure, care and concern.

John and I have decided to seal the domestic partnership deal and move in together. For three years, we’ve maintained separate households with the philosophy that no couple is ever blamed for ‘taking it too slow’ when developing their relationship. We are now at the point, however, of hoping to simplify life a bit by living under the same roof.

We’ve chosen to rent a house that is closer to my work and Gracee’s school, while easing John’s commute to work with a lot less time driving on the freeway. A big bonus is this house being located directly across the street from Tryon Creek State Park. This park, although located in the Portland city limits, has miles of hiking trails, and has been our favorite local go-to place for a quick outdoor experience. An even bigger bonus is all of our kids are excited about this move, including Lucy, the dog!

So, we are busy packing and culling through our ‘stuff’ as we prepare to move over these next few weeks. Additionally, John has a round of chemo this Wednesday and we have a Dr appointment the same day. We hope to hear positive news from a recent PET scan and bronchoscopy.

In the meantime, keep he and us in your prayers and positive intentions. And start planning your visit to Portland!


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